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Modern society is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, so it's likely that you have some concerns about the way you affect the planet. If you have a broken down car on your property, you may be creating risks that you weren't even aware. Leaky hoses and deteriorating batteries can risk introducing toxins that might cause serious problems for your local environment, and you should be willing to act to reduce that risk. Asides from it being an eyesore, it can be responsible for degrading the environment with foul smell, leakage from the battery or other car component may find its way to a water source and contaminate the water, this will risk the life of people that using this water for domestic activities like cooking and even drinking. One should not be too carefree about things that can environmentally cause hazard. There are car junk companies that can service and also have the expertise necessary to dispose of environmental risks and properly contain an old car. The recycling aspect of US Auto Junking can also go a long way toward making sure you don't contribute to a waste problem. There are many different car junk companies that deal with the buying and selling of car junks. You need to find the right company that will provide services that are in your best interest.


ABC Company is a reputable company that deals with buying, recycling and selling of junk cars. Dealing with ABC Company will not only eliminate the stress of having to waste cost of repairing your vehicle, but we pay a good price and their customer service is very good. 28 years into the business of buying and selling of junk cars has earned us reputation and a good name, we are known to be one of the top junk car companies that buy junk cars from individuals and companies alike


As mentioned earlier, you can contact our specialist, who will ask you some questions regarding your car. We will not like to bother you with too many questions, to respect your privacy. Just the information needed to estimate the value of your junk car. You can also email us or fill and submit an online contact form. After all these have been settled, we will give you the price of your junk car, by the way, we give one of the highest price for junk cars. After the deal has been finalized, we will come to the address you provided to tow the junk car. The towing service is free, and it is 100% stress free. If you won’t be available, you don’t have to be there. We will handle everything. We buy junk cars not only from individuals but also from corporations.


We help our customers that don’t own a title, there are scenarios of abandoned cars on people’s property, and some people are not sure of how to go about it. We can help as long as license and the vehicle registration are available. We buy both foreign and local cars. You can contact us through our toll free number, or visit our website where you can find our location if you would rather visit us. You can search for us on US Auto Junk and several other popular platforms like google and yahoo. You can read up on our customer reviews in our services on our website, craiglist etc. We are a green company that has regard for the ecology. We do not pollute the environment, rather we keep it safe by buying junk cars and recycling them. Our terms and conditions are friendly as we prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. If there is any doubt, we have a section of FAQ, where we answer as many questions from customers as we can. Contact us if you wish to sell your junk car, we will pay you a very good price for it.

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  • By Julie Perry, on Sunday, March 18, 2018

    They are the best guys to deal with!!!

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