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As the owner, you are still responsible for your vehicle. Even if you don’t want it anymore, you need to make sure that it doesn’t present a hazard for anyone else. The rusty metal and broken glass poses a significant safety risk to other people. This is especially true of children who may be tempted to play in or around an old car. Those glass fragments and sharp metal edges can cause injuries. Worn out seats with damaged springs are also dangerous. Removing your old junk car reduces the likelihood of an accident occurring on your property. You can actually be sued by people if your property, the junk car in question caused harm to someone, especially a child. Children are known to be very inquisitive and adventurous, seeing an old car just dumped outside the garage or by the road side, they will feel the need to explore inside the car, and in the process, they can get injured severely by either the glass fragments or sharp metal edges. Most times, a car that is left for so long will start rusting, and if anyone gets cuts by such metal has the probability of being infected with tetanus, a very serious injury that can cause amputation of the affected part of the body. Surely, we will want to avoid been the cause of such accidents. That is why selling our junk car no matter how sentimental it is to us, is the best thing to do. We will not only make money off it, but also get rid of an environmental menace that can be a source of pain to an unlucky fellow. There are a lot of companies that are into buying and recycling of junk cars, you don’t have to look far before you get one. You can make use of the internet and search for a reputable junk car company to sell your car too. Be careful of making transaction with some companies, they might be fraud, they might just want to take the junk car without paying you, and they will sell it to another company, people are that dubious.


We are a reputable company that is known for buying and selling junk cars. 28 years into the business we have developed a good reputation and we are popular among states we provide our services t. If your car can be towed, we are going to buy it with a high amount, not many companies pay as much as we do.


As mentioned earlier, you can contact our specialist, who will ask you some questions regarding your car. We will not like to bother you with too many questions, to respect your privacy. Just the information needed to estimate the value of your junk car. You can also email us or fill and submit an online contact form. After all these have been settled, we will give you the price of your junk car, by the way, we give one of the highest price for junk cars. After the deal has been finalized, we will come to the address you provided to tow the junk car. The towing service is free, and it is 100% stress free. If you won’t be available, you don’t have to be there. We will handle everything. We buy junk cars not only from individuals but also from corporations.


There are cases where a junk car is on a property you just bought and you are not sure if you have the right to sell the car or not, we at ABC Company can help you to process the selling of the car, or if you don’t have the key of your car, we can tow it as long as you have the vehicle registration, and your license. We buy both domestic and imported cars. You can always check up us on the internet via several platforms like yelp, bing, craiglist just to mention a few. There are several reviews you can check to insure we are as reputable as we claim. You can also check our website for our regional offices if you wish to visit in person. After towing your car, our staff will direct you on how to cancel your insurance and returning your plate number to the local DMW

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