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Cars are full of dangerous chemical compounds. These chemicals need to be disposed of carefully. A recycling company is equipped with the tools and facilities to collect pollutants and dispose of them without putting the rest of the environment at risk. Common environmental pollutants found in cars include:

  • Engine Oil
  • Battery Acid
  • Coolant
  • Tires
  • Brake Dust
Getting rid of any of these contaminants individually is a chore. It’s faster and safer to send the entire vehicle to a professional dismantler equipped to handle them all at once. Leaving these compounds lying around, especially in a neighborhood where there are children that will likely go there to play or do something around there is not safe. The battery acid for example, especially the batteries used in cars contain sulfuric acid. This corrosive chemical can cause severe damage to your skin if contact is made. Nickel-cadmium batteries also contain harmful chemicals and can cause serious health problems if ingested such as damage to internal organs. They are very harmful and can be a cause for concern. The engine oil on the other hand, according to Chevron, used motor oils don't present a significant inhalation health hazard. They can, however, present a problem if they come in contact with the eyes or skin, triggering an allergic skin reaction or eye irritation. Long-term effects from repeated contact include a higher risk of developing skin cancer. These are dangers most people don’t know, the more the wrecked car is lying outside, the higher is the possibility of it harming someone. Selling your wrecked, salvaged car will not only keep the environment clean, but you will have some cash on your hand for some other activities, like taking yourself out for a treat. There are a lot of good companies out there that are willing to buy your junk car, there are also some scammers that are out there to target innocent sellers. You should be careful in dealing with such people, some of the things to be careful of is selling your car to a buyer, that offers you money without even looking at the car. You should be careful of such buyers as they may be trying to rip you off by promising to wire you the money, and they will send someone else to pick up the car. Before you realize what is going on, your car is gone and you haven’t received any money.


ABC Company is a registered company that has proved to be a one stop choice in the junk cars sales and purchase business. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry. No matter how much of a wreck your car is, scrap or no, as long as it can be moved, we want to pay for it. What’s more, with a cash back option, free towing services, as well as excellent service, you won’t get a better deal elsewhere. We’ve been here for 28 years


For starters, contact any of our junk car specialists via email or our free toll number. Alternatively, you can e-mail us and we will get back to you. You will then be required to provide a few details, the model, title, year, and level of damage on the car. Not to worry, we won’t ask too many questions. We value your privacy. Within moments, you will get a quote which will blow your mind. When you consent to our quote, we will schedule a time to pick up your vehicle. This may range from an hour to a within a few hours from contact. We guarantee a rewarding transaction, and we’ve got lots of satisfied clients, both individuals and corporate bodies to vouch for us.


We take pride in our services, and you can get cash quickly for your junk vehicle. We aren’t going to fill your head with flowery gimmicks and overblown catchphrases. Our mission is simple, if you want to sell your junk car, we will provide you with a safe and reliable way to do so. Even if you do not have a title, we will assist you in using your license and vehicle registration credentials. We also provide assistance on how best to proceed. In most cases you can get cash for your abandoned car on the same day you make an order. We buy all sort of cars, be them domestic, second-hand, or imported. Call us on our toll free, or visit any of our local and regional offices listed at our web page. You can also reach us via email or fill our contact form. You can also find us listed at Yellow Pages and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Once you agree to our offer, our amiable towing professionals will contact you, review your documentation and buy your junk car. You will be given instructions on filling paperwork and signing over the key and title to us We have streamlined the process of selling your junk car so as to guarantee a hassle-free transaction. This takes no more than a few minutes. If you are indisposed or in a hurry, you need to be present for us to tow your car. We’ll take care of that. Click on the reviews and ratings within our website and see why US Auto Junk is the best option. Please visit our FAQs section for further clarification. Please be sure to go through our terms and conditions and our privacy statement.

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